30 Years International Tiger Studbook in Leipzig

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:Muller, P
Journal:Zoologische Garten
Date Published:2004
Keywords:Panthera tigris

Based on the long tradition of 125 years in tiger keeping and breeding in the Leipzig Zoo that has been very successful, it is being reported about the previous history and coming about of the International Tiger Studbook. 1966, Dr. VRATISLAV MAZAK was charged in Prague with the keeping of the "Studbook for rare tiger subspecies". After he could not deal with the studbook any longer, the Leipzig Zoo took over the studbook in 1973. The first of the 27 publications of the "International Tiger Studbook" that have been yearly issued so far was edited in 1976. Until 2002, nearly 7500 individuals of all of the five subspecies still existing have been registered, where currently about 1250 individuals live with about 450 owners. The difficulties of the studbook keeping are being discussed: incomplete reports sent to the studbook keeper, releases to circus companies, safari parks and private persons affect the actuality and completeness of the registrations. Basing on the data of the International Tiger Studbook, there currently exist 12 regional breeding programmes of all five subspecies. The stocks registered in the studbook are also part of the Tiger Global Conservation Strategy that connects stocks in zoological gardens and conservation efforts for wildlife populations.

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