"Standing over and "hugging" in wild Wolves, Canis lupus "

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:Mech, LD
Journal:Canadian Field Naturalist
Date Published:2001
Keywords:Canis lupus

During six summers, I observed "standing over" (SO) and "hugging" in a pack of wild Wolves (Canis lupus) habituated to me. In SO, one Wolf positions its groin above a recumbent Wolfs nose. I observed SO among all yearling and older Wolves for 1-180 seconds (X? = 69 ¨± 46 S.D.; N = 16). SO appeared to be primarily female-oriented and may inform each Wolf of the reproductive status of the other. I observed "hugging$ five times and only during years when food competition was minimal.

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