Book Reviews

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1977
Journal:Mammal Review
Date Published:1977
ISBN Number:1365-2907
Keywords:PRIMATES, Rattus norvegicus

Book reviewed in this article: THE NEW WORLD PRIMATES: By M. Moynihan THE SECRETION OF MILK: By Ben Mepham. Edward Arnold VARIABILITY OF MAMMALS: By A. V. Yablokov THE MAMMALIAN EAR: By I. Friedmann THE ROLE OF LARGE HERBIVORE MAMMALS IN WOODLAND ECOSYSTEMS: Polish Ecological Studies FALLOW DEER. Their history, distribution and biology By Donald and Norma Chapman. THE LIFE OF MAMMALS. Their anatomy and physiology By J. Z. Young THE BROWN RAT: By Graham Twigg. 1976. Newton Abbot, David & Charles DEER IN THE NEW FOREST: By John Jackson DENTITION OF LIVING PRIMATES: By Daris R. Swindler

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