14C-dating and collagen isotopy - First research results from an alpine cave bear cave in Germany

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:Rosendahl, W, Grupe, G
Journal:Mitteilungen der Bayerischen Staatssammlung fur Palaontologie und Historische Geologie
Date Published:2001
Keywords:Ursus arctos

The cave discovered in 1996 in the Laubenstein area (Chiemgau / Bavarian Alps) contained mainly rests of Ursus spelaeus and Ursus arctos. This cave is the first alpine cave bear bearing cave in Germany. A test pit was dug and numerous special analyses, for example collagen isotopy and absolute datations, were done on the bones. The collagen isotopy confirms the results of other research groups. The datations place the cave bear occupation of the cave in the Hengelo-Denekamp Interstadial complex (OIS 3).

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