Foundation For Ecological Security

The Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) was set up in 2001 to reinforce the massive and critical task of ecological restoration in the country. The Foundation aims to work towards ecological restoration, strengthening of community institutions and enhancing rural livelihoods.

By working on systemic issues that can bring about a multiplier change, we, at FES, look forward to a future where the local communities determine and move towards desirable land use practices based on principles of conservation and social justice.

To this end FES:

WORKS towards the ecological restoration and conservation of land and water resources in the uplands and other eco-fragile, degraded, and marginalised zones of the country; and to set in place the processes of coordinated human effort and governance to this end and provide relief to the poor, in particular;

WORKS either directly, or with and through a range of democratic village institutions, their federal bodies, and civil society organisations, set up through initiatives that are ecologically sustainable, socially and economically equitable;

ENSURES the ecological integrity of all efforts by working, as far as possible, with entire landscapes and with all the inter-related communities within it, through a range of arrangements on their land and aquatic resources, whether Commons, Public or Private;

WORKS for and promotes stability of the ecosystems through protection and restoration of biological diversity, including the diversity of species, age diversity, genetic variability as well as that of structural composition;

COLLABORATES with Panchayat Raj and other democratic village institutions, as well as appropriate civil society organisations, in their efforts to fulfil the objectives of the society, and to provide technical and financial assistance to them.

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